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August 2, 2015

Special EducationSpecial Education Contacts    

Jackie Law -  Interim Director of Special Education and Student Services
email: jlaw@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1016

Karen Erickson - Special Education Secretary
email: kerickson@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1051

Pat Friedrichsen - Special Education Secretary
email: pfriedrichsen@ojaiusd.org
Phone: 640-4300 x1052

Emily Otelsberg
- School Psychologist
email: eotelsberg@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1053

Heather Malone
 - School Psychologist
email: hmalone@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1054

Rich Van Sol - School Psychologist
email: rvansol@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1055

Laura VanAuker - Education Specialist (Inclusion & Transition)
email: lvanauker@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1058

Donelle Woleslagle, APE Specialist

email: DWoleslagle@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1051

Amy Maulhardt - Occupational Therapist
email: amaulhardt@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1063

Sandra Johnson - Occupational Therapist
email: sajohnson@ojaiusd.org

Phone: 640-4300 x1064

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