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Special Education

July 30, 2015

Special EducationMission Statement    

Mission of the Ojai Unified School District

Department of Special Education

It is the belief of the Ojai Unified School District that all children have value as a respected member of the educational community. All students are worthwhile individuals who are capable of learning and shall be treated as such.

It is the goal of the District to educate students with special needs in the least restrictive setting to the extent possible. The District recognizes the social and academic benefits to being integrated with typically developing peers. The District Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams weigh the social advantages of inclusion with the student’s possible need for individualized remedial instruction that may better help them progress towards their goals and objectives.

Parents are considered partners in the education of their child and are viewed as an integral part of the IEP team. The District special education staff strive to work as a team with parents to ensure that students are able to reach their potential as citizens and learners

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