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August 1, 2015

GATEMira Monte GATE Program    
Mira Monte Elementary Minimize

Chris Hess 640-4384 Ext. 1202 or chess@ojaiusd.org



At Mira Monte School the GATE students have been clustered in two classrooms, a 3/4 combination and a 5/6 combination. Both classrooms have emphasized science and technology while addressing the grade appropriate curriculum. Curriculum compacting has been utilized to allow these classes to focus on the Jason Project National Science Curriculum.

The Jason XV Project Focus this year is the Panama Canal Watershed, more specifically Barro Colorado Island, which incorporates food/energy web studies, watershed studies, geology of the isthmus, and cultural studies. This curriculum includes a comprehensive literature component which helps foster our students’ understanding of this region’s cultural and geological uniqueness while addressing our curricular needs. This curriculum is a fantastic addition to last year’s study of the Channel Island’s focus. We continue to study our Jason XIV with trips to the Channel Islands National Parks while comparing and contrasting our newer Jason IV focus.




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