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July 30, 2015

GATEGATE Criteria and Forms    
GATE Identification Criteria Minimize


Identification for the gifted and talented education (GATE) program in the Ojai Unified School District is based on rigorous and multiple criteria to include high intellectual ability, high academic achievement, and teacher recommendation.   All students must meet the criteria for High Intellectual Ability (Area 1) to be eligible for consideration for the GATE program.  In addition to Area 1, students must meet the criteria described in Areas 2 and/or 3 listed below.

1. High Intellectual Ability

    • Ability score at or above the 9th stanine

    • Intelligence quotient (IQ) of 130 or above in one area on an individual test of ability such as the WISC, WJIII, Stanford Binet, etc.

2. Superior Academic Achievement (as demonstrated in the following ways)

    • “Advanced” performance level on the CST (California Standards Test)

    • “Advanced” performance rubric scores in multiple content areas on the
       OUSD Standards Based Report Card

    • Teacher and/or Parent recommendation

    • High performance scores on the CELDT (California English Language
       Development Test) and/or evidence of rapid English language

3. Evidence of superior ability in performing, fine arts, or leadership
    and social-emotional areas.

Note: The GATE Committee may take other factors into account and will give consideration to students who are learning English, students with disabilities, and socioeconomically-disadvantaged students.



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