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First Day of School - August 26, 2015
July 30, 2015

Emergency Information    

In the event of an emergency, this page will be posted with up-to-date information. 

Emergency Announcement Minimize
There are no emergencies at this time. For further information call your local school or the district office at 640-4300.

This page contains information for parents in the event of a local or state emergency. It will be updated on a frequent basis.  In the event of an emergency, fire, heavy rains and other disasters please review the following:

  • Visit the District Web site for updated information:  http://www.ojai.k12.ca.us .
  • Call the District phone number (640-4300) as the phone message will be remotely updated to reflect the opening or closing of schools.
  • Listen to the following radio and television stations:
    • KHAY (100.7 FM)
    • KEYT TV (Channel 3)
    • KXLM 102.9 FM (Spanish broadcast)

Information regarding the closure of schools will be communicated to the radio stations by 6:00 am.  If there is no message on the radio by approximately 6:30 am, it is probable that schools will be open. You are urged, however, to continue to listen for messages on these stations in case circumstances worsen.


Other media sources may be unreliable, and should be disregarded.

Lastly, the district will always make use of our Connect Ed parent telephone calling system assuming phones are working.  Messages will only be sent when necessary and compelling to provide updated information.


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