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Donate Your Old Vehicle to OUSD Schools    

You can donate your old vehicle to the Ojai USD school of your choice and receive a tax-deductable donation.  A local organization, Cars4Causes and OUSD have partnered to provide more money for the district's students. The program is very simple.  When you donate your vehicle to OUSD, the district, or the named school receives 70% of the net proceeds.  The remaining 30% goes to Cars4Causes.  They use their portion to donate to other worthy causes and pay their overhead. 

Here is an example:

Your donation sells for $2,500.  Your tax-deductable receipt would reflect $2,500.

Sales price of vehicle       $2,500 
Expense to repair and market vehicle      $   500
Net proceeds       $2,000 
Amount to Ojai USD @ 70%       $1,400 

Please click here to learn more how to donate.  Remember, you can name your donation to the individual Ojai Unified School District school, or to the district in general. If you have any questions regarding the program, or have any concerns, please talk with your school principal or call John Walker at 640-4300 x1007 at the district office.

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